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TSA Schedule

Join our TSA's Remind Messaging by Texting the message @68a298 to the number 81010.

TSA Members Sign-up for Remind at the link below, open the document, and text the number.

TSA members Sign-up for Remind 101 (Directions found at this link)

TSA Advisor:  Mr. Collins

National TSA Type Promo Video

MEET THE TEAM || 2021 - 2022 State Officer Team

Engineering & Technology Education Lab: Room C-143

2021 - 2022 TSA Calendar and Program of Activities for the Year

TSA Membership Form PDF

TSA Membership Form Word

TSA meets on Monday's and Thursday's after school from 3:05 - 5:00 unless otherwise informed by Mr. Collins


2021-2022 VEX Robotics Update

Technology Day at the Georgia National Fair 

Our Remind Code- 

Text the message @68a298 to the number 81010


Tech Day Competition Rules-2021 - Coming Soon

Tech Day Events - Sign-up in Mr. Collins' room (C-143) on Thursday

TECH Day Sign Up List - Complete our first assignment.

1st Assignment: Tech Day at the Georgia National Fairgrounds Sign-up


Technology Day Registration Check-off Form in PDF Format

Technology Day Registration Check-off Form in M.S. Word Format


Bus Departure Monday Morning October 11th, 2021 at 6:00 AM

Arrival Time:  Students should be at Statesboro High School on the bus outside Mr. Collins Lab at 6:00 AM


Forms and dues for our Technology Day Rally at the Georgia National Fair must be turned into Mr. Collins by Thursday, September 02, 2021 if you are planning on attending. Forms can be found in the link high-lighted above.

 I look forward to having a fun day at the largest fair in the state of Georgia and one of the largest in the USA.


National TSA Week October 04-08, 2021

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My Chapter Monday: #MadeInTSA Monday - Join our National TSA Facebook and post a photo or you and members.


                                - Technology Day at the Georgia National Fair Competitions

Fall Food Drive Kick-off


Team TSA Tuesday: Teammate Tuesday: Join our National TSA Twitter and post a comment or post a photo at Facebook

 Today is Teammate Tuesday: Make sure to give your TSA teammates a shout out today on our national facebook page or twitter.


Welcome Wednesday:  We are TSA Wednesday: Post a photo to the National TSA Facebook page of anything related to TSA and explain WHY you choose to be a part of TSA.


Throwback Thursday: Post a favorite TSA photo of you and your chapter from your early years in TSA. Ideas include: a photo of your first TSA conference or working on your first competition.


Forever TSA Friday: Post a collage of all chapter photos relating to TSA. Show off your TSA fashion and post a picture of you in official TSA attire! 


Governor's Honors Program

TSA Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) November 12th, 13th, & 14th, 2021

TSA Fall Leadership Conference Pictures

Registration Dues and Forms must be turned in before or by October 07, 2021.


 TSA FLC STUDENT REGISTRATION Check-off Sheet and Forms -  November 12th, 13th, & 14th, 2021



COMING SOON:  Georgia TSA - FLC Registration Information Packet

Bulloch County Tech Fair - Saturday, January ???, 2021

More information and forms can be found on the Bulloch County Board of Education Web-site
Students who would like to enter the Bulloch County Tech Fair should complete the application on the web-site

TSA State Leadership Conference (SLC) March 16-19, 2022

2021-2022 TSA State Leadership Conference Event Themes (Coming Soon)


Schedule by Events In Alphabetical Order 2021


Section 3 Competitive Event Entry and Submission Instructions


Section 4 SLC Competitive Event (MS and HS) With Entry Limits


Section 5 GATSA Dress Code for Conference Events


Section 6 VEX Robotics Tournament






Architectural Design Competition:

For the architectural design competition, the guidelines say to include the mentorship verification form in the pdf files. However, the mentorship verification form require students' names to be included, and the guidelines specifically say NOT to have students' names anywhere on the project. That presents a contradiction and a potential for a judge to affect an entry based on the guideline against using a kid's or school's name in the entry.

I contacted the National Event Manager who wrote the contest rules and his response was to use student's initials in place of their name on that form.


Prepared Presentation Competition:

As we did last year, I will not wait until the first day of the state conference to give the topic of the Prepared Presentation Event to the registered students. The topic will be emailed to all registered HS Advisors the week following the close of Conference Registration.



3D Animation
Please click here for the design brief.

Theme: Create an interactive animatronic robot for a local Zoo or aquarium.

Architectural Design
Please click here for the design problem.

Biotechnology Design
Area of focus: Food

Children's Stories
Theme: Electronically Enhanced Book – Participants are to design an electronically enhanced book in which the electronics enrich the storybook experience. 

Debating Technological Issues
Topic: Information Security in Modern Life

Subtopic 1: Resolved: Genetic Discovery Companies (such as 23 and me) should be able to sell or make available your genetic profile to third parties.


Subtopic 2: Resolved: Companies should be able to sell your usage data (history, bookmarks, application downloads, etc) of their equipment to third parties.


Subtopic 3: Resolved: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) should be used on student badges to take attendance and track students' movements around school campuses.


Digital Video Production
Theme: TSA Competitive Event Infomercial

Dragster Design
There is no special theme for 2018 Dragster Design

Engineering Design
Theme: Engineer the Tools of Scientific Discovery

Fashion Design and Technology
Theme: 1980's Fashion - Trends and Styles
Each team should design and create from scratch three (3) garments that represent one (1) of the 1980's era fashion trends.

Photographic Technology
Theme: The Battle Between Nature and Technology - Who Wins?

Structural Design and Engineering
Please click here for the problem statement.
HS Structural Design and Engineering Team Assessment Form
High School Structural Design and Engineering Team Verification

Transportation Modeling
Theme: The History of Stock Car Racing

Video Game Design
Participants focus on the idea of their choice, within the context of the 2018 theme: Sports Games

Please click here for the design brief.


Word Format: State Leadership Conference Registration Packet


PDF Format: State Leadership Conference Registration Packet



Registration Deadline: January 18, 2022 - $350.00 Registration & Hotel Fees Due 

TSA Competition List - See Mr. Collins to sign up for the specific competition of your choice.

TSA Individual and Team LEAP Resume

TSA Competitive Events List and Dress Code Requirements for Events

 2022 SLC Packet

TSA High School Competitions

 Check for changes below to your event! Be prepared!

When preparing for upcoming TSA competitions, be sure to check the TSA website for the most current competition updates and clarifications.  Please check this link regularly so that your chapter members will have the most up-to-date guidelines for competitions in which they may be competing.  
These are the competitions that are currently affected:
Updates and Clarifications are posted on an ongoing basis, so please be sure to check the update page on a regular basis.  Any information posted via this link (as well as the general rules for each competition found in TOTAL TSA) will apply to entries submitted for competitive events at the 2017 national TSA conference.

Thank you.

National TSA Conference June 26-30, 2022 - Dallas, Texas

College and Career Path Information and Resources

2021-2022 TSA Officers


  • President: Caleb Tapley

  • Vice President: Tucker Dennis

  • 2nd Vice President: ????

  • Secretary: ???

  • Reporter:  Jace Skinner

  • Treasurer: ?????

  • Sergeant-of-Arms: Will James


  1. 1.Berry, Joseph

    2.Brown, Raleigh

    3.Caliskan, Fahriye B (Betul)

    4.Cartee, Caleb

    5.Connor, Carl

    6.Davoud, Kevin

    7.Dennis, Tucker

    8.Doyle, Justin

    9.Farmer, Nate

    10.Fraser, Andrew

    11.Gerguis, Daniel

    12.Gerguis, Luke

    13.Grimm, Heidi

    14.Halaby, Cameron

    15.Hill, Lindsey

    16.Hughes, Michael

    17.Kessinger, Zacary (MS)

    18.Patel, Divyesh

    19.Patel, Jasmine

    20.Patel, Neel

    21.Scarborough, Fredrick

    22.Seawright, Tamaury

    23.Scott, Tamarus

    24.Skinner, Jace

    25.Tapley , Caleb

    26.Toquica, Paula

    27.Vladescu, Alexis

    28.Wheaton, John

    29.Wilkes, Evan

    30.Zambrano, Carlos E.

    31.Zambrano, Carlos