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About the Program:

Statesboro High School's Four-Year-Old Preschool Program
10 Lester Road
Statesboro, GA 30458
Phone: (912) 212.8877     
We are now a Georgia Pre-K!
Preschool Teacher:  Ms. Donna Crosby
Preschool Parapro:  Ms. Larhonda Robinson
High School Teachers:  Mrs. Kristen Rogers and Mrs. Bethany Gilliam
Site Director:  Mr. Patrick Hill  (912.212.8860 ext. 5004)

Purpose and Objectives:

To provide an enriching environment for the growth and development of the 20 children involved from the Bulloch County community. This includes the child’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and creative development. The teacher uses a theme-based curriculum with activities for the themes based on developmentally appropriate practices set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).


To provide a laboratory for high school students who have a genuine interest in the children and who have applied and been approved for the course.

The Student Selection Process:

  1. Each spring there will be an advertised open registration. A date and time will be set by the Bulloch County School System; SHS Preschool follows the same registration dates and lottery drawing rules although we are currently not a lottery funded pre-k.
  2. Applications will only be taken during this time. Registration will be closed at the end of the advertised time.
  3. A child must be at least four (4) years of age to be eligible for the program (copy of birth certificate as verification required).
  4. All applications are accepted and names placed in a lottery pool. Twins, triplets, or quadruplets are to be treated as one applicant. The names will go on one lottery slip to be drawn. Student names are drawn from the pool and the applications numbered in the order they are drawn.
  5. All names are placed on a list in numerical order as drawn with twins, triplets, or quadruplets representing one number.
  6. Children currently enrolled in the program are given an opportunity to stay in the program for a second year if the instructor and parents feel it will benefit the child to grow another year prior to kindergarten.
  7. The first 20 students from the numerical list inclusive of those in item 6 will compose the beginning roster for the fall of the next school year. In the event that twins, triplets, or quadruplets are drawn, the 20 class size will increase to reflect the children on the lottery slips.
  8. The waiting list is composed of all those remaining on the numerical order list. 
  9. As vacancies occur, applicants are notified in order from the numerical list.
  10. Three attempts (documented) will be made to contact the applicant.
  11. If not able to contact or applicant chooses not to enroll the student, the next applicant on the numerical waiting list is contacted.

Schedule and Hours:


Take-in: 7:30-7:47

Dismissal: 2:30


There are no fees for attending SHS Preschool. 

Breakfast is free for all students, lunch may be purchased from the lunchroom or a home lunch may be sent daily.