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Class Sneak Peeks and Syllabi
8/4/17 12:41 PM
8/4/17 12:41 PM
We are Currently Reading: Dark Romantic Literature
We are Currently Reading: Dark Romantic Literature
Our Next Big Read: Poetry by Emily Dickinson
Our Next Big Read: Poetry by Emily Dickinson

Welcome to Mrs. Calhoun's Class! 2018-2019

SHS Book Club

SHS Book Club's Next Meeting:


Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Media Center

3:15 PM-5:30 PM 


Join us in discussing Crazy Rich Asians, having pizza, and watching the movie!

Please bring snacks and drinks to share!


Current Read: 

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Google Classroom Codes Posted 8/12/18
Classroom Info-HW, Classwork, and More!!
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Google Classroom Codes Posted 8/12/18

Tutoring Schedule

Tuesday-Thursday 3:15-3:45 PM


Before school by Appointment Only. 

Advanced Notice required via email or sign-up sheet posted in the classroom. 

AP English Language & Composition Info

Want to Know More About AP Lang? Here is some great info!


About the National Exam--All information comes directly from


The exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes long and has two sections — multiple-choice and free-response. The multiple choice section is worth 45% and the free-response section is worth 55% of the final Exam Score. 

Section I: Multiple Choice | 52 to 55 questions | 1 hour | 45% of Exam Score

Excerpts from non-fiction texts are accompanied by several multiple-choice questions.

Section II: Free-response | 2 hours and 15 minutes (includes a 15-minute reading period) | 3 Free-Response Questions | 55% of Exam Score

This section tests your skill in composition in three areas:

  • Synthesis: After reading several texts about a topic, you will compose an argument that combines and cites at least three of the sources to support your thesis.
  • Rhetorical analysis: You will read a non-fiction text and analyze how the writer’s language choices contribute to the intended meaning and purpose of the text.
  • Argument: You will create an evidence-based argument that responds to a given topic.