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Daily Schedule

1st period- Algebra 1/Regular & Honors

5th period- Algebra 1

6th period- Honors Analytic Geometry

7th period- Honors Analytic Geometry


In my classroom:  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-3:45 (unless I am unavailable).

Please ask/tell me ahead of time to make sure I'm available that day.

Contact Info

Richelle Wallace

Room B212


Richelle Wallace

How to Succeed in High School ~ MATH

Click here to find out how to succeed in High School

Coordinate Algebra Standards - Website Links & Practice


EOC Review Packet- KEY (76 questions)

Click here for the key!

Remind 101 Text Messages

Parents and students can sign up for text reminders for homework assignments, upcoming tests, updated grades, etc.  I don’t know your number and you don’t know mine. To sign up, open a new text message and type the phone number 81010.

If your child has me:

1st period: Text the message @1alg-wall  

5th period: Text the message @5alg-wall 

6th period: Text the message @6geo-wall

7th period: Text the message @7geo-wall

It will ask for your name (so I can tell who's joined).  You can reply like:  Lisa Smith (with your child’s name in parentheses)

Personality Test

1st: Take the personailty quiz:  

Next, fill out the Personality Type- Results Google Form: 



First Day Information
7/26/18 3:14 PM